e-Design is located on the Swedish west coast,
in the small village of Holm, 10 Km north of Halmstad.



Areas of expertise



With over 40 years of electronic and system design experience,
e-Design is proud to offer help in many areas of expertise.

  • Digital and analog circuit design
  • Embedded programming
  • PC programming
  • Circuit board CAD
  • EMC
  • Documentation









Although most effort is concentrated on designing customer systems,
the need for specialized tools have also resulted in proprietary products.

  • FLL serial communication analyzer for DOS
  • FSA32 serial communication analyzer for Windows
  • FLL221 family of sniffer devices for serial communiaction analyzers
  • FLLBOB sniffer device for serial communication analyzers


Contact e-Design

Jävsgård 169
305 92  Holm
Phone: +46 (0)70 538 89 86
e-mail: anders dot johansson at fifo dot se


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